Social Networking Features


Users upload images that will be searchable via your growing community and appear within there personal profiles.

Google will also index these individually and we have optimized to help you expand your footprint within the major search engines.


Users can choose to either upload a video directly to your website or embed from a third party.

If a user is on there mobile phone they will be able to record a video and upload.

Regardless of what they choose, this video will be added to your growing library.


With each event you will be able to sell tickets.

Each event is accompanied with a countdown and the ability to you to upload a main banner, unlimited gallery images and information.

This will aid you in engaging your potential customers and increasing your turn over

Community chat

As your community grows, continue to engage your loyal user base with our community chat.

User can communicate with each other in real-time as we ajax your messages in real-time.

Full Control & Easy Management Of Your Content

Administrator all the going-on’s in your site, whether that be users, galleries, videos, events or any other feature on the site.

As you content grows, watch your website adapt with 'latest' galleries delivering your most recent and best content to your grow database of users.

Sell on desktop, mobile & tablet devices

  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone.
  • Google now uses mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in search results.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.
  • 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine.
  • 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business.
These are just a few of the reason why we have made our platform 100% responsive. This means that your website will look great on the biggest desktop displays (1920px) all the way down to the smallest IPhone (320px).

This means that you will be giving your customers the best possible user experience and can access your website on the go and on any device.

Search and find

Create categories that can be used by your users to filter and browse the content you offer.

The site also offers a custom search for Users, Images, Videos, events and more!

Beautiful jQuery Slideshows

Throughout the site we have integrated responsive image galleries that are automatically populate with your latest content.


Users that have been on your website for a while might choose to take advantage of saving items to there personal shortlist for viewing later.

This will help increase your conversions.


Manage the features on your website at any time via your admin.

Toggle off and you can hide any area of your website including photos, videos, events, store and more.

As you chosse you show or hide features your live site will update accordingly. Including backend user areas.