User Registration System V6

User Registration System V6

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Quick Info

The User Registration System is a complete Pre-Built Php User Registration System for your website. The pack includes User Registration (Simple and Advanced Registration Forms with Proper Validation), Login, Logout, Email Password, Control Panel, and Update User Information.

The system includes a complete administrative back-end to enable you to manage your Users, and maintain your website easily online. The system will allow you to restrict access to any page within your website to ensure your products are protected, and all passwords are encrypted for your customers' security. You can restrict access to either Registered Users Only or Admin Only.

We provide a video tutorial guiding you through installation and a feature tour showing you how to operate the system.

Video Tour!

Download the Source Code!

Easily edit the code using any web editor of your choice.

Simple & Advanced Registration Forms

The User Registration System includes two Registration Forms. The first is a Simple registraton Form, which includes less fields for a quick and easy registration.

The Second is an advanced registration Form which requires more information for registration.

Check Out the Forms:

Simple Registration | Advanced Registration

Admin Back-end

The User Registration System includes an administrative back-end that enables you to Manage Users, and other important areas of your website securely and in a protected environment.

In addition, you can restrict access of any page in your website to Admin Only, or Registered Users Only.

Email Password

An Email Password System is included. If Users forget their Login details, they can use the email password system, which will immediately generate a new password and send an email containing their login details to the registered email address on their account.

Password Encryption

All Passwords are automatically Encrypted for your registered users' security. As a result, your website, products, and services are more secure than ever before.

User Control Panel & Admin Control Panel

You download the source code, easily edit the User and Admin Contorl panel to contain your links to your restricted content!

Simply copy and paste a provided snipet of code into pages you want to restrict access too.

Once your pages are protected, users will be re-directed to login to access your content.

Login, Logout

The System is complete with Login and Logout pages to help ensure complete security.

Proper Validation

All Registration and Login Forms include failure messages to clearly illustrate why a login or registration has failed. For example, if a user tries to register using a Email that is taken, the Registration will abort and an error message will display, stating that the Email is Taken, and that they should try another.

Terms & Privacy Pages Provided

Easily include your terms and privacy policy.

Manage Users

Manage users and accounts easily via your admin control panel.

Restrict Access to Any Page - Registered User Only or Admin Only

Safeguard your products, services, or any page in your website. Once applied, a user will be redirected to login or sign up to your website, before accessing your restricted content.

You can restrict access to pages, to either Registered Users Only, or Admin only.

Installation Video Tutorial!