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Social Networking Website V5 - With Free Installation

£250.00 GBP
Social Networks are more popular than ever before. People use them to communicate and share with not only friends & family but also the entire world.

Why not take advantage of Our Social Networking Website to build your own community - like Facebook & Twitter. Users can create their own personal profiles and post updates, photos and even videos. They can connect with other users by searching content via hashtags or keyword search. Users can follow and unfollow other users to create a live feed, and only receive the information and updates from people and about things they really care about!

We have incorporated a sophisticated hashtag system to enable users to create trends and search content more easily. There is a personal messaging system to enable friends to communicate and the site couldn't be easier to use on the go with its responsive design.

Using our built in design editor you can change the design of the website, such as background colours, logo and background images. Use the CMS System to edit site wide content, and use administrative features to manage users, uploads, posts, comments and much more!

Feature Tour!

Here is a video demonstration of how the system works.

FREE Installation

Siteezy offers a FREE Installation of the Social Network. Once you have purchased the Website, contact us via our Contact Form, and our support team will arrange your installation.

Build your own community

Allow people to connect and share from anywhere around the world with an internet connection. Share your updates, Upload photos, embed videos, post articles, and more!

Beautiful Profile Pages

Users can create their own unique profile pages, uploading their own banner and profile images in addition to their posts, and sharing informatoin about themselves.

Follow & Unfollow System

All registered users can choose to follow or unfollow other users. By following another user they will see that user's posts in the feed.


HashTags have never been more popular on Social Networks!

Include a '#' in your posts and the website will automatically enable other users to see, click and search via the hashtag you created.

Easily create trends and promote yourself and events using this smart feature!

User Image Galleries

Whenever a user uploads an image to their feed, that image will be included in that user's image gallary on their personal profile page.

Enjoy scrolling through your images using our beautiful image lightbox.

Personal Messaging

Keep in touch with friends and make new ones using the built in personal messaging system.

Manage and Personalise Your Account

Use your Settings Page to update your personal informatoin, banner and profile images and more!

Comment System

Anyone can find and comment on your post or uploads on the site. The notification system will help keep you updated when new comments are posted.

Search People

Find your friends and make new ones using your Social Network.

Search Content

Easily find the content you are looking for using our advanced but simple to use Search System.

Enter a keyword or phrase and we will return all the relevant posts on your website.

Easily Embed Videos Via URL

Want to embed a YouTube Video?

Great! Its never been easier using our Video Capture Tool!

All you need to do is copy & Paste the YouTube Video URL and the Website will automatically Find and Upload your Video with 1 Click!

User Stats - Followers, Following and Posts

Keep up to date with your followers and the people you are following.

Adsense - Make Money From Your Website

The Social Networking Website allows you to incorporate your Google Adsense campaign. This makes your website profitable.

Social Networks are known for generating a large amount of traffic so why not convert it into unlimited profit.

Contact Form

Your users can easily contact you using the built in Contact Form.

Post Updates, Photos, Videos

Easily Post Updates, Photos and Videos and immediately update all your followers' live feeds with your new content.

Full Admin Backend

Manage your website using the secure and easy to use admin backend.

Easily Manage Your Website's Design, Ads, Users, Uploads, Comments and much more on your webstite.

Content Management

The Social Networking Website includes a complete Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to change, update, and add information site wide.

FREE Installation

Siteezy offers a FREE Installation of the Social Network. Once you have purchased the Website, contact us via our Contact Form, and our support team will arrange your installation.

System Requirements

  • Php5 - MySQL
  • Server Hosted Email Account (For Email Password e.g. Example@YourDomain)