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Siteezy - Social Network

Overview - Just £200

Social Networks are more popular than ever before. People use them to communicate and share with not only friends & family but also the entire world.

Why not take advantage of Our Social Networking Website to build your own community - Like Facebook & Twitter. Users can Update their status, Upload Photos, embed videos, Post Articles and Even Create/Promote Events for others to attend.

The website constantly promotes social interaction through the friend system, instant messaging, Live Chat and full email notification system. You can maintain your website from the comfort of your own web browser.

Using our built in design editor you can change the design of the website, such as background colours, logo and background images. Use the CMS System to edit site wide content, and use administrative features to manage users, uploads, posts, comments and much more!

Video Tour!

This is a Video Tour of the Social Networking Website.

Allow us to guide you through the features, showing you not only how the website works but how it can work for you!

FREE Installation

Siteezy offers a FREE Installation of the Social Network. Once you have purchased the Website, contact us via our Contact Form, and our support team will arrange your installation.

Build your own community

Allow people to connect and share from anywhere around the world with an internet connection. Share your status, Upload photos, embed videos, post articles, promote events.

Users can message other members either through live chat or private message. The website promotes social interaction via the comment system, friend system and many other cool features.


Siteezy - Social Network

Admin & User Control Panels

The Social Networking Website includes two Control Panels. The first is for you! As an admin, you have full control over the content published on your website. Manage uploads, comments, and users through the comfort of your own web browser.

The Second, is the User Control Panel. This allows users to Upload new content, edit or remove existing content that they have published, and much more!



Siteezy - Social Network

Live Chat

Registered users can Update their status at anytime, sharing their thoughts with the world (Like Facebook & Twitter). Once a user has posted, other users can post replies.




Siteezy - Live Feed

Upload Photos, Embed Videos, Post Articles, Promote Events

Once people upload, embed or post media on your social networking website, the fun is just beginning Users can contact other Users, and even comment on Uplaods!





Siteezy - Uploads

Advanced Search

We have developed an advanced search system to help users find the content they are searching for easier and faster than ever before!






Siteezy - Search System

Comment System

Once a user has viewed an image, watched a video, or read an article, they can decide to post a comment.







Siteezy - Comment System

Notification System

If a comment is posted on a user's upload, whenever they recive a private message or friend request, your website will automatically send a notificaton email to them. This keeps them coming back to your website helping to increase traffic and engage your fan base.








Siteezy - Social Network

Member Search

Users can search user profiles, and engage in conversation.


Social Network - Members

User Profiles

Every registered user has their own profile page that is unique to them. Their profile page contains any relevant information that the individual wants to share with the world. This includes their profile image, interests, and other relevant information.



Social Network

Add Friend Script

The website has a complete friend system. This enables users to send friend requests, build a large community profile and become more engaged.




Social Network

Private Messaging

Users can send private messages to each other.

Each time a new message is sent, they receive an email notification. This ensures they return to your site to read and reply to the messages they receive.

This helps you increase traffic and ensures your users stay interested!





Social Network - Messages


Registered users can create/promote events that other users can attend. This promotes the social element of your website, and helps make your website even more unique.






Social Network - Events


The Social Network includes a built in forum, enabling you to create and manage your own unique forum.

In this area users can post questions, share files, and start discussions.

The system includes email notification and you can manage posts from the comfort of your web browser.






Social Network - Forum


As an admin, you can add, edit, or delete categories.

This allows users to upload unique content that applies to the social network you want. It also helps visitors find the content they are looking for, faster and easier than ever before.







Social Network

design you website!

Our Social Networking Website includes a built-in Design Editor enabling you to create a custom look and feel for your online business.

Upload new background images, change colour schemes and upload new logos to make your site look and feel the way you want it to.








Siteezy - Social Network

Menu Editor

Select from multiple menu designs at the click of a button. Changing your menu's appearance site wide at the click of a button!









Siteezy - Social Network Menus

Content Management

The Social Networking Website includes a complete Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to change, update, and add information site wide.


Siteezy - CMS

Adsense - Make Money From Your Website

The Social Networking Website allows you to incorporate your Google Adsense campaign. This makes your website profitable. Social Networks are known for generating a large amount of traffic. The Social Network enables you to harness your traffic and convert it into unlimited profit.

FREE Installation

Siteezy offers a FREE Installation of the Social Network. Once you have purchased the Website, contact us via our Contact Form, and our support team will arrange your installation.

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